We happily offer couples the option of a pre-wedding session, as well as a post-wedding session, as it gives them even more of an opportunity to revel in the feeling of beauty and love that comes with the wedding day.



As the planning gets underway and the special day get closer, people tend to get stressed and nervous. One of the things that weighs on their minds tends to be their photos. Without fail we always hear one of these:

  • I/My Partner hates photos
  • I never look good in photos
  • I am so scared/nervous/stressed about being photographed on my day.


No bride or groom to be should ever feel this way, especially on the build-up to the most special day of their life (aside from having children).



We love our pre-wedding sessions because they give us a unique opportunity to spend time with the couple and create a personal experience that shows them just how much fun it can be to be in front of a camera. Most importantly, when they look at the images, they realise that are already beautiful/handsome.

Plus, we get to see the real personalities of the couples, from cheek to laughter and more!



With each session, we spend time getting to know you and really learn about your passions and dislikes, so we can make your experience the best possible. By the end, couples are relaxed, comfortable are really enjoying themselves, allowing us to capture their natural ‘GQ/Vogue pose’ as we all have it in us, and just need to believe in our own beauty.



This is why we love our job! We have the privilege of be able to spend time with couples who are madly in love, laughing and really enjoying themselves, whilst also being able to be part of an experience that leaves them feeling both great about themselves and about their wedding photography!


(We love this sweet couple, Laurean and Olly, and their wee dog Leelo!)


Next week check in and have a look at some of our top tips for your pre-wedding session, such as what to wear and whether you should involve props in your session!


I’ll leave you with a final image from the session with the lovely Hannah and Adam: (This one actually became a cheeky Christmas gift, though we can’t tell you how. 😉 )




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