We love the opportunity to team up with great videographers, to capture a couple’s special day. We feel it is the best way to ensure you have every moment, of the most unforgettable day of your life, all preserved for your memories, for generations to come. Often, this leads to the all important question, we often get from couples, “How do my photographer and videographer work together, on the day?”

Today, we have the award-winning, wonderful Rachel, of Veiled Productions here, to share her expertise on how we work together to make your day perfect:

It can be a common concern for engaged couples planning their wedding. How do the photographer and videographer work together when they are both trying to get amazing shots of your wedding day? I totally understand the concerns, especially when horror stories are shared on social media all the time! Here are some of the ways I work with photographers to help make everyone happy.


Good communication is crucial!

I always try and talk to the photographer before the wedding day itself. We can both then chat about how we work and be reassured. On the day there are always key moments where communicating is essential to make sure everyone gets the shots they need. Most photographers I’ve worked with before, I have great relationships with and always look out for each other. Once during Sarah and Dan’s Harry Potter themed wedding I realised Emily, the photographer, wasn’t in the room and the bride and groom were holding and cuddling the owl ring bearer! I dashed outside and Emily was setting up the confetti shot but raced in when I told her, and she managed to get some great photos of Sarah and Dan and the owl.



During preparations

Once we meet on the day, I always have a chat with the photographer and help out where needed. Usually we take it in turns capturing the details so the photographer goes first and then I will or the other way around.

For me, nothing is posed or staged so I let the photographer lead. I love getting the natural emotion between you and your family and friends so stand back and capture the action. I love moments like popping the Champagne or when your family see you dressed and ready for the first time.

Usually I leave to set up for the ceremony approximately an hour before so often the photographer can do more formal photos during this time.


During the ceremony

For me the biggest moments are the arrival and the exit, when working with the photographer during the ceremony. Ideally, we stand next to each other at the top of the aisle for the entrance and then move to the side once you’ve arrived and greeted each other. Throughout the ceremony I always stand in one place and avoid moving where possible. I have static cameras set up to capture the whole ceremony which is why I don’t need to move, like your photographers do. On this note I always ask the photographers to try and be aware of the static cameras and not stand directly in front of them. Even if they do, it’s not usually for very long before they move again so I can cut between the different camera angles in the edit. For the exit, usually myself and the photographer will both stand at the back as you leave the ceremony. With the zoom lenses I can make sure I get the natural emotion on your face but without being up close and in the way.

During the formal photographs

Confetti is the most important shot during the formal photographs to communicate with the photographer. Photographers often do this shot in different ways – some have an aisle that the couple walk through, some get all the guests to huddle around the couple and throw it altogether. It’s important for me to know what the plan is so I will always speak to the photographer before this shot so neither of us are in each other’s shots.

For the remaining formal photos, I always let the photographer lead. I will stand to the side as much as possible, so guests know to look at the photographer’s camera and not mine. Often there are some lovely natural moments after the poses when couples and their family and friends laugh which is perfect for video.

I also love it if the photographer gets an action shot of us and I try to get some footage of them. This is great for promoting each other for future weddings and reiterates the good relationships we have.


During the speeches

This is very similar to the ceremony. I will have two static cameras set up and so will discuss with the photographer where they will be. Again, I ask them to be mindful of the static cameras to help prevent them standing directly in front of them.  Where possible I stand to the side, near the top table, so I am out of the way of guests watching but can still capture the speaker and the reactions.

Wedding Venue: Braxted Park

The perfect setting for your first dance.

During the dancing

Often the photographer will set up flashes and I will set up lights. This is dependent on the venue and the time of year but more often than not it is dark, so lights achieve the best footage. During this time, I’ll talk to the photographer about the best place for the lights and where the static cameras will be. I’ll then position myself in the best place to avoid, where possible, being in the shot or in the way of the guests.


For couples’ photos

During the photos of the two of you I will often offer to help hold a veil or a reflector for the photographer. Usually then we will take it in turns so I can get some video footage too. Often this is when we all have a laugh and it’s great for reaction footage of the two of you.

After the big day, once I’ve sent the edited films across to you, I will email the photographer about featuring in a blog post on our website and will tag them on Facebook. It’s always great to promote each other when we’ve had a great relationship on the day.

Creative Wedding Photography

A secret kiss in the Rothamsted Manor gardens.


Thank you to Veiled Productions for such a wonderful insight into how videographers and ourselves work together, on your special day. We always love to see couples having both video and photographic coverage, as we capture such different points of your wedding, and they are two very different ways to relive the day, for years to come. We hope you found the information enlightening, as you plan your day.

If you are looking for the perfect videographer, we do highly recommend Veiled Productions. They are fantastic, personable, make you feel special on the day and they truly create stunning videos of your wedding. You can get in touch via their Facebook Page or contact them on their website.  (If you want lots of tips and ideas, Rachel is currently planning her own wedding and always posts lovely bits on her Facebook Page, so do give her a like)

Rachel Vine from Veiled Productions.