Avoid Wedding Day Regrets

After doing a live with Veiled Productions, Tuesday, where we talked about things our couples have admitted they regretted, after their wedding day passed. To carry-on from this, we are sharing our top five tips today, for avoiding regret after your wedding, based on feedback from our couples, to try and help you plan your perfect day and avoid any pitfalls they ran into.

Art-Focused Wedding Photography

Art-Focused photography from the Bridal Suite.

  1. Time – A lot of our wonderful couples have regretted not having enough time set aside, in their day, for their photography. In the morning, we mention to our couples to ensure the gents are ready at least 30 minutes prior to leaving and the bride at least an hour prior, just to ensure they have time to get photos alone, some with their wedding party and a few with family (or first look photos). The other moment is when the ceremony has ended and the couple need to fit in seeing their guests, confetti, family/group/whole group photos and a few creatives. You need at least 1.5 hours between the end of your ceremony and the start of your Wedding Breakfast/Speeches, to ensure there is plenty of time. Inevitably, things don’t run to time, which usually means a little of the time after the ceremony is eaten away, so you don’t end up with the full amount of time. If you’ve left less than the bare minimum, you end up having to cut something from all those special moments.

GnBri Signature Creatives

GnBri Signature Edits for a couple at Great Hallingbury Manor.

2. Not Personalising – We always suggest to our couples, after having had our own wedding, that it is important to make sure your day is you. Be sure to personalise it, whether it is from the favours being your favourite sweets or Lego figures to table names that are uniquely you two, it is so important to make sure that your day stands out as yours alone, as these little details are the things you remember and look back on fondly. It is a great way to really stand out and enjoy the day. A lot of couples that regretted not doing this have said they got caught up in ensuring others were happy and they felt let down, after the day had passed, for not having something that was their own.

The groom getting ready.

The groom – not nervous whatsoever.

3. Not Having Two Photographers- So many couples we know, who have gotten married, have said they wished they got two photographers. It is becoming more and more popular and for good reason. With two photographers, you are able to get both first looks, both of you getting ready and lots of different photos and angles throughout the day. It also means that your group photos go quicker, with one photographer posing your family and the other capturing all the memories for you both. Your whole day goes so much smoother and you know that absolutely nothing is missed!

Two grooms greet their families under the confetti

Celebrating with all the family.

4. Having ONLY a Videographer OR Photographer – We can understand it. We got married too and everything costs money. Not only can we comment on our couples that gave us feedback, but we can comment on this personally. We got married before we got into wedding photography, so didn’t know loads about planning or what to have/not have. We adore photos and the memories they save for us, to look back on forever, but hadn’t considered video fully. We ended up not investing in a videographer, and only had a photographer. We regret this more than we can ever convey. We have stunning photos to look back on a relive, but soon after we got married, we lost someone very special, and we would give anything to have a professional video of our day, to look back on the memories of him, and all those we love. Something to show our daughter who he was, how he spoke and everything. Trust us on this one, the best investment you can ever do is to have both photography and videography. They capture so many different aspects of the day and in different ways. Those memories are the most priceless and precious things you have, don’t miss them.

Indoor Signature Edits at Braxted Park.

Indoor Signature Edits at Braxted Park.

5. Going Cheap – So many of our couples admit to us, after the day, that they wished they hadn’t gone for the budget option on certain things. It’s different for each couple that have told us that. From decor and cakes, to stationary, the dresses/suits and videography. We aren’t saying you should blow your budget out of the water. More that, based on each couple we have met, have a look at your budget, talk to friends/family who have gotten married and see what they spent on all the sections that are important to you. Always bear in mind that, like buying a house, you may go over your budget by 10%, so keep that in mind when setting the budget. Be realistic and definitely ensure that whilst you definitely don’t want to go way over, as the last thing you need is money stress, that you keep your eye on ensuring you don’t cut the budget on all those special things. The last things you want is a dress that has a seam pop or flowers that wilt before the ceremony, etc. If you want some tips on budget, there are loads out there, especially on Engage Weddings, and we will have a budget tips document coming out soon, that you can download for free, so keep an eye out!

Tasty Save the Date

A picnic pre-wedding session and tasty ‘Save the Date.’

We hoped these bits of feedback from real couples has helped. If you want to see a bit more, check out the LIVE we did with Veiled Productions,(whom we absolutely recommend for videography):

Wedding Day Regrets FB Live


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