One of the best parts of getting to photograph each couple’s pre-wedding session is that it gives us a wonderful chance to see what they love and want in their wedding day photographs.


Sarah & Sam are in love with some of the more natural photos, with simple lighting, to highlight how natural and beautiful their love is for one another. It was great to have the opportunity to walk along the beautiful Stockwood Discovery Centre gardens, in Luton, with them. They told us all about their plans for their day, including all the special details. With Minstrel Court as their perfect venue, they will have the beauty of the surroundings as part of their day, and after doing this session with them, we know there will be some wonderful, natural photos of them, with such beautiful backdrops!


They are such a wonderful couple, whom we know are going to have the perfect day, next August!

We are very much looking forward to sharing the rest of their pre-wedding session with them, this evening, and getting to hear more about the preparations for their special day.




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Sarah & Sam’s Pre-wedding Session