We love every single wedding we have the honour of being part of, as photographers. Some are very traditional and other a unique blend of the character. Some are even better, and have the joy of being a unique blend and share the beauty of joining a family together. Lauren and Barry are one of those lucky and very special couples, who have a beautiful family to join as one, on their special day. With Sammy & Josh being such a huge part of their day, their Manor of Groves wedding was even more special and wonderful to capture.

Barry’s Wedding Morning



As a husband and wife team, we got to be present to photograph the memories of both Barry & Josh and Lauren & Sammy getting ready, as well ensure they have photographs of special moments, gifts and even personalised moments, such as the bouquet her brother made, with a surprise to keep her family with her as she walked down the aisle. Their entire Essex wedding was bespoke and beautiful to match the personalities of this wonderful couple.


Bride and Father walking down the aisle.


From their gorgeous outdoor union, to their very classy reception, with lovely cake, made by a dear friend, Lauren & Barry had one of the most beautiful and touching days we have seen.


We were so honoured and proud to be part of their day, and be the ones to have the joy of capturing just how special a day it was. They looked so happy and really had everything and everyone round them to make the day absolutely perfect.





We want to wish Lauren & Barry many happy years of love, laughter and happiness! Congratulations on becoming Mr and Mrs.

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