We love every single wedding we have the honour of being part of. Some are very traditional and other a unique blend of the character. Some are even better, and have the joy of being a unique blend and sharing the beauty of joining a family together. Lyndsay & Neil are one of those lucky and very special couples, who have a beautiful family to join as one, on their special day, at the stunning Milling Barn, near Buntingford.



We loved capturing all of the little details of their day, showing just how important the little things are to making their day as special as it was. They had so many friends and family to share in that special moment, and such wonderful details to really capture how important this day was.



From their barn ceremony, with decor and favours made by Lyndsay herself, with a very unique cake and topper to the exciting and very fun reception, filled with kids playing and adults enjoying the sunshine, Lyndsay & Neil had one of the most beautiful and touching days we have seen.


We were so honoured and proud to be part of their day, and be the ones to have the joy of capturing just how special a day it was. They looked so happy and really had everything and everyone round them to  make the day absolutely perfect.


Most importantly though-

Congratulations to the wonderful couple! We hope you like this little sneak peek. We look forward to sharing all the rest of your special memories with you, this evening.

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