How is it already the final day for our look back at 2018? Kind of similar to this year, it has flown by! We hope you enjoy the final six memories we are going to share with you today.  

A Cuddle at the Lakes, at Three Lakes at Westmill.


Mr & Mrs Petley

These two are a beautiful couple, both of whom have the loveliest and happiest of smiles. They always seem to happy just to be together and in love. Something we treasure seeing in a marriage. When these two shared their Pre-wedding session at Three Lakes, where they were to get married, they loved the photos and said they had to have a Signature Edit created for them that had two things – The renowned lakes they had a pre-wedding photo near and a swan, so, of course we just had to help make their wish come true, and create just that, with a hint of romance.        

Creative Wedding Photography

A secret kiss in the Rothamsted Manor gardens.


Mr & Mrs Keen

When two people share a love of having fun and Las Vegas, you just know their day is going to be spectacular! When you mix a casino evening with a pizza van, dancing and lots of vodka you get one of the most exciting evenings ever, and definitely one you won’t forget, which is exactly what every wedding should be – fun and unforgettable. To finish off there evening, we couldn’t go without creating a Signature Edit for them that was just as unforgettable.      

A Fairytale Ending at Manor of Groves.

Mr & Mrs Halls

We’ve had the joy of capturing a few weddings where the couple already have a lovely little family, and we always find them very special, as their children, no matter what age, get to be part of their special day. These two were once such couple and to add to that, they have the sweetest and most loving children, both of whom care dearly for their parents and wanted to see them married. It was so wonderful to be part of that and to see the pride their children had, when they looked at them. Top that off with bright red ruby shoes, and you have a true fairy tale ending, leading us to create a night time Signature Edit that had a very fairy tale feel to it.      

Nighttime creatives at Sheene Mill

Goodnight creatives at Sheene Mill

Mr & Mrs Ferlisi   Talk about unique and beautiful weddings! This couple designed and created most of their day themselves, as the bride is exceptionally skilled at all things handmade. Add to that a couple who were made for each other and you have a wedding that just fits. Plus, these two absolutely made their day fun by adding in a ceilidh to their evening, and you know we at GnBri are always partial to a ceilidh. What a day these two shared and it definitely showed that they will have a lifetime of love together (in Hertford of course! (An inside joke for the couple!)) Of course, we had to share this by creating a Signature Edit that would last the test of time with them.    

A Lovely kiss at Hedsor House.


Mr & Mrs Howkins

This couple are filled with quirkiness and class. When we heard of the thought and heart that the groom put into his proposal, we knew this couple where one that we had to be there for, to capture the memories of their day, and my where they exquisite. Each moment planned to perfection, with touches of elegance and beauty, and a Lego cake and secret guitar gig for the groom (#lukesdaytoo) and this couple truly had the perfect blend of everything for their day. We had to leave their evening on a bang, not only because of the fireworks and sparklers, but to really wow them with a Signature Edit to match the perfection of their wedding.    

Art Focused Wedding Photography

Art focused wedding photography at Letchworth Hall Hotel

Mr & Mrs Garcia

  When a groom says in his speech that he feels like he is home when he is with his bride, you know the couple are yin and yang, two peas in a pod and definitely a couple who will love one another with pure passion and kindness. It was such an honour to capture the wonderful memories these two made, as they became one, and involved so many special people in their journey to do so. We had to finish off with a warm and inviting Signature Edits to truly show the love these two share.       We hope you’ve enjoyed our look back at some of our favourite Signature Edits from 2018. If your wedding didn’t feature, trust us, we still have favourites from your day because we love all our couples, but we just couldn’t share them all. Feel free to email us and we can share our favourites from you day with you, and why we love it!   We’d also love to hear why you love your wedding memories we captured!   Be sure to keep an eye on the blog, as we will soon be sharing a look at our Pre-wedding photos from 2018 and why we highly recommend having a session before you book your photographer.    

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Storytelling Wedding Photography

A goodnight, sparkler send off.